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“Our newborn daughter cried about 6 hours or more a day, slept for about 2-3 hours at night, and never napped for 3 months.  We took her into the doctors multiple times, and they gave her multiple perscriptions.  We had her seen by a GI specialist at the children’s hospital, and had changed her formula 3X when finally I was speaking to a woman in church who told us about Dr. Ray.  We decided to take her in the next day.  Within one adjustment our daughter’s crying decreased.  By the second adjustment 2 days later she began sleeping 7-12 hours at night.  By the third adjustment she was taking naps and the crying is essentially non-existant.  We are so happy to have found a healing treatment for our daughter that does not include medication.  Our entire family dynamic is healthier now that we are all resting and living with a happy baby.  And starting this week, I have decided to become a patient!  I am so thankful for Dr. Ray!  I am attaching a picture that I took of her when Dr. Ray came out of his office to give her her 4th adjustment.  Don’t you wish you felt this happy when it was your turn to see your doctor??”

Tiffany C.

In the summer of 2013 I started having back pain.  My regular doctor recommended physical therapy, but it made it worse.  I was taking pain medication every 4 hours.  I could not sleep, sit, or stand without severe pain.  I was not a candidate for surgery.  My daughter took me to see Dr. Jeffery Jones at Jones Chiropractic.  He looked at my x-rays and MRI and said, “you are a mess”.

Dr Jones recommended spinal decompression therapy with Dr. Ray.  After 2 weeks of treatment, I was taking fewer pills.  I was 80 years old and the doctors were amazed at my immediate progress with decompression.  After 7-8 weeks, I was practically pain free.  Today, I am not taking any pain medicine, and only see them 1 time a month for a checkup.  I highly recommend Dr. Jones and Dr. Ray and the spinal decompression therapy!

Elizabeth D.

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